Acrylic Pouring

I’ve been really involved lately in teaching myself how to acrylic pour. It’s not as easy as I originally thought it would be yet at the same time there is something relaxing about the lack of control you have over the piece. Yes, you have some influence over how the painting will turn out by tilting the canvas different ways but sometimes the way the paint spreads is completely unexpected.

There’s often moments of fear where the colors aren’t acting the way you wanted them to or there isn’t enough paint and your cells get way too stretched out but there are just as many amazing moments are there are fearful ones. Sometimes you start pouring your colors into a cup and think “this is going to look terrible” but who knows? Sometimes you create something beautiful on accident.

And that’s exactly why I love this technique. It’s unexpected, fluid and changing constantly. It looks one way when you start and a completely different way ten minutes later. For years I have been a freakishly detailed and controlling artist who treats every piece like it’s way to precious. This is the first time in my art career that I’ve been able to fully let go and let things happen without fear of the result and it is so freeing.

For Artists – if you mess up a piece or treat it like it’s so precious that when you accidentally smudge a spot right in the middle your whole world crumbles, DON’T FORGET that you ALWAYS have your skill. Your piece may not be exactly what you thought it would be, but you can make another. You are not your artwork, you are your skills.



Helsinki Contemporary Art

First day in Helsinki and I saw the coolest art exhibit done by teamLab at Amos Rex Art Museum. I’ve never been so intrigued by interactive and digital media but the site specific installations in this show named Massless were extraordinary.

Unfortunetly I cannot add video but here are a few pictures. The bright colored room was interactive – flowers and leaves would spring up where your feet land and  if you put your hand on the wall. Flowers would part the way as you walk and if you stepped on a lizard or butterfly making its way around, it would splatter like a Jackson Pollock.